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Service and Case Management

Keep clients on track towards their goals, delivering benefits efficiently and keeping track of where clients need support.

Better Managing Your nonprofit!

Service and Case Management help guide the clients toward their goals, to provide benefits effectively, and monitor where they need extra assistance

Who does Case Management help?

A case manager helps to comprehend their clients and their journey, enabling them to guide them towards success. The Case Manager plans, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates services provided to a client.

Nonprofit teams now have their own “EASY” button!

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Case Management is not for your nonprofit if you:

  • Do not provide long-term, hands-on support that is provided to help a specific individual or family work toward an outcome or goal
  • Do not want the ability to see the client’s data readily
  • You want to keep your data scattered in different legacy systems
  • Do not want to serve your clients properly
  • Continue using outdated technology tools
  • Do not want to take data-driven decision-making
  • Withhold technology from teams, forcing them to do manual tasks and reducing time for exciting work

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How we built this solution?

KindX, a user-friendly nonprofit system built on the Salesforce platform, streamlines program delivery and case management, saving time by efficiently tracking clients' goals and support needs.



nonprofit cloud

Automation Customer Service


Custom reports, dashboards,

and configurations

to enhance user-friendliness

and simplify adoption

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KindX care plan

to support your

ongoing success

on your journey

Service and Case

Management Solution

Over 50,000+ nonprofits use Salesforce!

How using Case Management can help you?

Track Attendance/

Units Delivered

Create Case Plans from the templates to save time

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Feedback concept.

Case Manager Collects

Feedback from Participants


Report Impact to Stakeholders

Dashboards and Reports

KPI Analytics Dashboard With Graphs
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Case Manager Tracks

Progress and keeps clients in check

Assign Clients to the case manager

Streamline YOUR Intake Process

Get clients the right support quickly with a guided flow from referral to intake to enrollment

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Quickly create a workflow by intake type

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Track all the life events

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Assign action plans

Record page: Overview

Track as the client progresses towards their goals on the timeline to provide them personalized client experience

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Each client have their own unique record

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Track all the life events

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Real-time line

view of a client’s


Dynamic Assessments

Quickly fill out assessments about clients and upload supporting files in a

guided workflow

Case Tracking

Ensure that the right people have access to the right information to keep clients on track

Participant profile

Get up to speed on a client with visual tools showing a 360 view of their engagement

Advanced Notes (Interaction Summaries)*

Take client notes and access them chronologically for a clear note history overview.

Complaints (Incidents)*

Monitor unexpected program incidents to ensure that appropriate follow-up actions are taken.

Access your data from anywhere in real-time!

KPI Data Predictive Analytics Dashboard
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KPI Business Analytics Data Dashboard

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