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AI-powered Community Relationship Management (CRM)

Nurture relationships and scale impact with AI-driven, personalized experiences.

Better Managing Your nonprofit!

Nurture relationships and scale impact with AI-driven, personalized experiences with the AI-powered CRM.

Who does CRM help?

  • CEO’s
  • Fundraising Manager
  • Fundraising Director
  • Event Managers
  • CEO’s

Easy Button

Nonprofit teams now have their own “EASY” button!

Building with Three Pillars


YOUR team on

one integrated platform



Flexible Systems

A single view on all relationships enables nonprofits to nurture them and mobilize support for their mission, amplifying their impact.

Opportunities will arise in the future, even during uncertain times. Achieve the flexibility to prioritize outcomes while improving efficiency and overall effectiveness.

Consolidate data from various sources to gain actionable insights, enabling better decision-making for greater impact.

You do not need a CRM for your nonprofit if you:

  • Do not want increased productivity
  • Do not want to improve the efficiency
  • Do not want to increase staff capacity
  • Want to use outdated tools
  • Want to withhold technology from your teams, forcing them to do manual tasks and making them work long hours
Not me

How we built this solution?

KindX, is a user-friendly nonprofit system built on the Salesforce platform to unite nonprofit teams on one integrated platform and to enhance their growth and impact.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud monitors donor activities and links them to all operations."


Automation Customer Service


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CRM Solution

Custom reports, dashboards,

and configurations

to make it user-friendly

and easy to use

KindX care plan

to support your

ongoing success

on your journey

Over 50,000+ nonprofits use Salesforce!

How using CRM can help you?

Build relationships with personalized


Add data in

the CRM

CRM Customer Relationship Management for business sales marketing system concept
Building strong business relationships
Illustration of a Camera
Building good coworker relationships

Deliver the right message at the right time across multiple channels

Instant messaging

Report Impact to Stakeholders

Dashboards and Reports

KPI Analytics Dashboard With Graphs
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Traveler Experience Freedom

Know and expand your community to grow your impact

Know and expand your community

with personalized experiences

Nonprofits require strategies to enhance their growth and impact, and digital fundraising sets them apart.

How we used to do it?

Many nonprofits have maintained the donor and stakeholder data in the excel spreadsheets.....

.....YOU can find additional data of your stakeholders in .....

close-up of a rolodex
Man Sitting and Thinking What to Write in Contact Us Form on Landing Page Website
An assortment of post it notes

your rolodex

Businesswoman Working with Stack of Papers

your cell phone

your emails

your sticky notes

Girl volunteer
Human Brain
Address Book
Staff t-shirt

hidden in your

stacks of paper

with your volunteers

abstract ink brush splash

What happens if

someone leaves?

They take the knowledge with them

Success Arrow up

at your body temprature

your address book

with your team members


How we do it now?

We can now pull the data from all the sources and put it in ONE system, YOUR CRM!

An assortment of post it notes
Man Sitting and Thinking What to Write in Contact Us Form on Landing Page Website

your sticky notes

your emails

Address Book

your address book

Businesswoman Working with Stack of Papers

your cell phone

close-up of a rolodex
Staff t-shirt
Girl volunteer

your stacks of paper

your rolodex

with your team members

with your volunteers

How we save data of contacts in CRM?

All the members of the family are recorded in

Family of 4 staying fit outside together

Mary Jones

Michael Jones

Susan Jones

David Jones

The family members easily tracked in the CRM



All Solutions

  • AI-Powered Community Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and Engagement
  • Grant Management (inbound)
  • Grant Management (outbound)
  • Program Management
  • Case Management
  • Outcomes Measurement
  • Operations
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Accounting
  • Data Cloud
  • Team Communication/Collaboration
Conversation with employee

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KPI Business Analytics Data Dashboard


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