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Program Management

Deliver powerful programs, at scale

By Operational Areas!

Program management involves coordinating multiple projects to ensure efficient delivery and impact measurement.

What is Program Management?

Mission: The Heart of Your Organization

  • The success of your program relies on your team's ability to implement practical actions, manage volunteers, secure resources, and measure impact.

  • Whether changing the world or preserving it in environmental organizations, program management can be manageable. You can focus on your goals, not endless spreadsheets, to drive your mission forward.

  • The Program Management solution also has built-in reports and dashboards that you can apply to your mission immediately.


Who does Program Management help?

  • Program Manager
  • Program Director
  • VP of Programs

Easy Button

Program Management Team now have their own “EASY” button!

Program Management is not for your nonprofit if:

  • You do not run any programs
  • You want to keep your data scattered in different legacy systems
  • Neglect "funder" metrics
  • Do not want to measure the impact of your programs
  • Do not want to allocate resources to the agenda to maximize impact
  • Continue using outdated technology tools
  • Do not want to take data-driven decision-making
  • Withhold technology from teams, forcing them to do manual tasks and reducing time for exciting work

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How we built this solution?

KindX, a user-friendly all-in-one Cloud Nonprofit platform built on Salesforce, enables seamless program planning and delivery in one place, saving time with streamlined tools for service delivery and participant engagement.



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Custom reports, dashboards,

and configurations

to make it user-friendly

and easy to use

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KindX care plan

to support your

ongoing success

on your journey

Program Management Solution

Over 50,000+ nonprofits use Salesforce!

How using Program Management can help you?

Track Attendance/

Units Delivered

Set up programs, Benefit types, Benefits

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Feedback concept.


Feedback from Participants


Report Impact to Stakeholders

Dashboards and Reports

KPI Analytics Dashboard With Graphs
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Add program participants

Key Metrics: Program participants served

Adapt programs to meet changing needs

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Details of program

participants by “Status”

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All reports and


are available in real-time, anytime, and even on your mobile!

Generated reports and dashboards are

customizable to your operations!

Dashboard: Program record dashboard

Empower staff with centralized data on one system to focus on highest value activities

Total number of enrollments in the program

Key Metrics: Program and Benefit (Services) Tracking

Program Participation Dashboard by Various Programs (i.e., the record count)

Participant profile

Build trust and confidence by understanding the needs of every participant.

Key Metrics: Program participants served

Displays year-to-date benefit distribution by units served

(in hours)

Key Metrics: Benefit (Services) Tracking

Use data-driven, strategic thinking to invest in what's working and change what's not.

Built-in automations: Get your work done automatically!

Transform your data

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Analytics Dashboard And Information Technology
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Reclaim your time to be a better spouse/parent and focus on what truly matters to you!

.....they even work while you sleep!

Access your data from anywhere in real-time!

KPI Data Predictive Analytics Dashboard
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KPI Business Analytics Data Dashboard

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  • Program Management
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