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Program Management

Volunteer Management

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AI-Powered Community Relationship Manager (CRM)

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Case Management

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Outcomes Measurement

Grants Management


Team Communication and Collaboration



All Solutions

  • AI-Powered Community Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and Engagement
  • Grant Management (inbound)
  • Grant Management (outbound)
  • Program Management
  • Case Management
  • Outcomes Measurement
  • Operations
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Accounting
  • Data Cloud
  • Team Communication/Collaboration
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Board Reporting

Finance and Accounting

Outcome Management

Program Management

Reports and Dashboards

Service and Case Management

Nonprofit Fundraising

Successful fundraising in today's digital world requires strategies that incorporate or are guided by technology. According to surveys, 85% of nonprofit professionals believe technology is crucial for their organizations' success. However, only 23% have a long-term plan for incorporating technology.

DOnor Management

Build strong relationships with a unified view of supporter to streamline donor management.

Use Data insights

Utilize data insights to help build lasting donor relationships to help with income growth.

Grow Fundraising

Build new cash flow streams on flexible fundraising platform.

  • 360-degree donor views
  • Email integration
  • Relationship tracking
  • Dashboards
  • Easy-to-understand reports
  • Pull data from multiple sources
  • Automate tasks
  • Accounting
  • Streamline operations

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KindX is your All-In-One Cloud Nonprofit Platform

Nonprofits typically run lean operations, directing most of their funding toward core activities. Yet, it's essential to invest in back-office technology for a strong foundation. A versatile platform can support growth at every stage and also ensures continued success.

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Fast Delivery: Rapid implementation gets you up and running quickly.

Proven Success: Built with best practices to ensure success on Day 1.

Customization: Nonprofit-specific functionality with built-in low-code automation, reports, dashboards, and KPIs tailored to the nonprofit industry.

Cost Effective: Cloud delivery eliminates on-premise IT costs, and KindX care package ensures automatic updates so your software is always current and operates seamlessly.

Flexible: Across every nonprofit type in every part of the world, KindX allows your team to stay agile and flexible.

Scalable: Built on Salesforce, KindX is one unified cloud nonprofit management system—encompassing fundraising, CRM to manage donors, program management, case management, and outcomes —that grows with you at every stage.

Trusted: KindX is built on Salesforce and is used by 50,000+ nonprofits worldwide.

Single System: The KindX Core package can help your nonprofit manage its operations with ease.

Kickstart your digital journey!

Let’s Talk ABout you

In this phase, we collaborate to assess your nonprofit’s needs and create a customized implementation project plan.


Following the project plan, we customize KindX for your specific user experience.


Our Change Management program helps you and your team manage overwhelming changes.

Here When you need us

With our Support team, you get access to the case management resources, technical support, and a vast knowledge base you need to succeed.

We Stay COnnected

Each nonprofit has access to Customer Success Managers, who provide the tools and personalized care to ensure your success.

Digital Data Technology

About KindX

KindX, a cloud-based solution founded by and CFOsquared, which enhances transparency, efficiency, and profitability for nonprofits to do more with fewer resources.

Our Story

We understand the challenges that nonprofits face in managing their operations. At, we started by using Salesforce to streamline our nonprofit operations, a platform widely used by over 50,000 nonprofits.

We realized that to make our operations effective, we needed to integrate Salesforce with multiple other solutions to oversee all aspects of nonprofit functions, including online giving forms, event registration forms, accounting, donor engagement and outreach, outcome measurement, project management, text messaging, and volunteer collaboration.

So KindX was born!

Since then, KindX has evolved to become a comprehensive operating software solution that is flexible and scalable and boosts employee efficiency and productivity while cutting costs. With KindX, nonprofits can achieve more with less so they can focus on their mission of positively impacting the world.

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Technology Partners

Within KindX, its Nonprofit Operating System, we use the following technology services:


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